Instituto Superior Técnico

Área de Estudos e Planeamento


AEP and its structures conduct various surveys under the scope of their projects and within in their areas of action. AEP also provides consulting through a structure for Surveys (SEI), offering the other services of IST, as well as other customers a methodological validation service of surveys per questionnaire and interviews. On-going and closed projects may be viewed according to the following topics: internal user satisfaction evaluation surveys, IST core activity evaluation surveys, surveys conducted by external organizations.

Internal user satisfaction evaluation surveys

This topic provides the results of the surveys on the evaluation of IST user satisfaction, which allow to determine the quality of the institution’s services.

IST core activity evaluation surveys

This topic provides the results of the surveys on the evaluatuin of the IST core activities (teaching, R&D and link to society), which allow for better knowledge and analysis. Some surveys, which are the resposnability of other services or units of IST, have the coolaboration of  AEP pato validate the methodologies adopted, taking into account the proposed objectives.

Surveys applied by external entities

This topic provides the results on the surveys applied to IST population by external entities. After AEP’s opinion, the surveys are subject to the authorization of the Management Board.