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External surveys

AEPQ was commissioned by the IST management bodies to support various requests by external entities for the application of surveys. The information gathered is summarized below.

Date Researcher in charge/Institution Scope of research Target population
26/04/2016 João de Abreu e Silva Survey on the use of information and communications technology (ICT), activities and social networks Students in general
30/06/2016 Aldina Carvalho Portuguese Universities Staff Satisfaction IST Staff
09/11/2016 Susana Oliveira U-Multirank Student Survey Students1st and 2nd cicle
23/02/2017 Diana Neves Survey on intelligent management mechanisms of electricity consumption IST community
18/04/2017 Miguel Torres Preto Entrepreneurial University: the case of Portuguese higher education and its impact on regional competitiveness IST community
02/05/2017 João de Abreu e Silva IGo – Travel Planning Application IST Staff, Teaching-staff and Researchers
08/06/2017 João de Abreu e Silva Social networks, use of Social Media and mobility between students in European Union countries (EU) 1st and 4th year students
30/11/2017 Filipe Moura Analysis of the potential impact of urban space quality interventions in mobility habits IST community
11/12/2017 Sofia Batista Key factors for the use of technology in higher education IST Teaching staff
02/03/2018 Juliana Rossoni Active transportation modes’ (pedestrians and cyclists) conflict risks in view of different configurations of urban design IST community