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External surveys

AEP was commissioned by the IST management bodies to support  various requests by external entities for the application of surveys. The information gathered is summarized below.

Date Researcher in charge / Institution Scope of research Target population
Nov 2011 Rui Magalhães / ISCTE To identify the profile of university students who play on-line games Students in general (aacademic year 2010/2011)
Jan 2011 Paula Lopes / CIES/ISCTE Media literacy and citizenship: University student profile of the Greater LIsbon Area 3rd-year MSc students of the Integrated MSc programme in Mechanical Engineering
Dec 2010 Isabel França / Reitoria – UTL Suvey under the research project on: Knowledge and Technology Transfer between Universities and Organizations Teaching-staff and Researchers
Dec 2010 Isabel França / Reitoria – UTL Survey under the research project on: Entrepreneurial motivations and identity of HE students Students in general
Nov 2010 João Wengorovius Meneses / Camâra Municipal Lisboa Launch of survey – Lisbon’ssocial incubator Students in general
Jan 2010 Professor Silvia Monteiro / Minho University Application of survey that aims at identifying academic excellence paths in HE Students in general
Dec 2009 Professor Luis Caldas de Oliveira / INOVAMAIS REDOMIC: Questionnaire” The contribution of knowledge for innovation” R&D Units – coordinators
Jan 2008 Professor Ana Rosa / IST/UTL Survey focusing on time allocation of people with over 55 years of age IST Teaching staff with over 55 years of age
Jan 2008 Professor Manuel de Oliveira Mendes SÓCIUS Consortium (CES/CIS/ISEG/UC) Survey focusing on “Academic Success Factors in HE in Portugal: a comparative analysis” 4th year students, 2nd cycle, MEC, MEQ, MEMec, MEEC ande 3rd year, 1st cycle, LEIC-AL
Dec 2007 Professor António Teodoro / Universidade Lusófona “Gender and Education: The first women at IST” All IST graduates
Oct 2007 Professor Firmino da Costa / ISCTE Students and their pather in HE: success and failure, factors and processes, promotion of good practices.” IST students (via Tutoring and  PC students + dropouts – via e-mail)
Jul 2007 Patrícia Figueiredo (tutoring trainee) / Phsychology and Education Sciences College Survey of pedagogical training needs Civil Engineering teaching staff
May 2007 Professor Paulo Freitas / CIPES Survey focusing on the assessment of satisdfaction of HE students amostra alunos 1st and 5th year students sample
Jan 2009 Group of students of  IST / Student Observatory (Alameda-IST) To analyze the impact of the attendance of an IST programme impact on the lifestyle of its students. 20/30 students of the MSc Programme in Construction and 25 of the GISs
Mar 2009 Professor Joaquim Luís Coimbra / Faculdade Psychology and Education Sciences College (UP) Survey focusing on the significant given to work by students and graduates of HE  (12mn) Students and/or graduates over the last 5 years
May 2009 Joana Bernardo – Faculdade de Letras da UL Survey on undertsanding the public of cultural institutions Students in general
Nov 2009 Patrícia Gomes / University of Minho COBRA: study under the public management with emphasis on control, autonomy and measurement of performance assessment Management bodies/Central Services of IST
Apr 2007 Prof. Rui Bártolo Ribeiro – Center for Research and Intervention of  ISPA Diffusion attention test
Oct 2006 Telma Vaz (12th grade student) – Secondary School of  S. João da Talha Survey focusing on unemployment associated with job opportunities final-year students
Oct 2006 MSc Nina Prazeres – Psychology and Education Sciences College Survey focusing on objectal relationships and reality examination 30/40 students a from 3rd and 4th year of Civil Eng (15 mn before end of class)
Aug 2006 Professor Virgílio Meira Soares  / CIPES Survey on the flexible professional in KB society 98 graduates of the year 2000 (random)
Apr 2006 Profª Teresa Paiva / Faculdade de Medicina da UL Survey focusing on the chracterization of sleep (via web) All IST students
Mar 2006 André Trindade Scholarhip holder / CISEP – ISEG – UNL Survey focusing on the general and basic skills in ICTs Final-year students of lec and lem, with at least 1 Computer Science subject
May 2005 Professor Lígia Mexia Leitão / NOEP-Núcleo de Orientação Escola e Profissional da FPCE da UL Survey focusing on educational aspirations of young people LEEC 1st year students