Instituto Superior Técnico

Área de Estudos, Planeamento e Qualidade


Objectives 2017-2018

I. The AEPQ proposes to contribute to the strengthening of the global impact, visibility, and recognition of the IST as a school of C&T reference in Europe and in the world

  • Cooperating actively in national and international assessment processes, auditing, accreditation, certification and external recognition of Tecnico Lisboa’s nuclear activities;
  • Collaborating on promotion and appreciation initiatives,  and organizational development of Tecnico Lisboa, both nationally and internationally.

II. Promote Tecnico Lisboa quality activities, improving the learning environment and research

  • Developing internal and integrated systems for monitoring and improving the quality of teaching activities, RD&I and Technology Transfer (TT);
  • Promoting continuous improvement, efficiency and effectiveness of Tecnico Lisboa support services.

III. Promote Tecnico Lisboa strategic planning activities

  • Producing forward-looking statistics and performance indicators to support decision making;
  • Preparing studies, reports and other documents to assist the strategic management.