Instituto Superior Técnico

Área de Estudos, Planeamento e Qualidade


The AEPQ proposes to continue to work on a wide variety of areas of action of IST, with emphasis on the policies of engineering, science and technology, organization and assessment of higher education, by developing a set of activities, notably:

  • to draw up studies and opinions;
  • to develop and implement innovative projects;
  • to promote and follow up assessment and accreditation exercises on a regular basis;
  • to produce disclosure and planning documents of IST activities;
  • to promote research projects;
  • to launch surveys;
  • To participate in initiative  (seminars, meetings, debates, networks) on themes linked to the fields of activity carried out at the AEPQ;
  • to create and maintain systems for collection, treatment, update and release of information needed for all previously described activities.

2015 Objectives

To contribute to further affirm the IST as a reference school of S&T in Europe and Worldwide

  1. To cooperate in initiatives under the CLUSTER network partnerships and/or other national/international organizations;
  2. To promote the disclosure/valorization of indicators and other relevant information about IST through documents/leaflets/webpage and/or the participation in thematic events/working groups.

To promote the monitorization, evaluation and planning of Governance and Management, Teaching, R&DI and Technology Transfer Activities, carried out at IST

  1. To produce performance indicators and forecast statistics;
  2. To contribute to the strategic planning of the IST activities;
  3. To contibute to the development of an integrated quality assurance system to be implemented at the IST;
  4. To assess the positioning of the IST through benchmarking activities;
  5. To participate/promote assessment/implementation/follow-up of the Bologna process;
  6. To cooperate in an active form in working groups and/or coordination in tasks linked to quality assessment/audit, accreditation and recognition of courses and/or institutions (national/international).

To promote permanent administrative improvement, efficiency and effectiveness of the services supporting the IST activities

  1. To contribute to the development of information systems supporting teaching and decision;
  2. To promote/support the creation/structuring of data bases integrated in the FENIX system.