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Strategy & Development

  • R&D Profile at Tecnico Lisboa, Part I (in Portuguese) (PDF, 460KB)  and  Part II (in Portuguese) (PDF, 207KB) (2000-2004) – Draft version, Prof. Victor Barroso, CC, Carlos Carvalho, Carla Patrocínio and Rui Mendes, GEP
  • Tecnico Lisboa’s R&D Strategic Plan, GEP, December 1999
  • Development Plan Proposal for Tecnico Lisboa 1999-2004, GEP, March 1999
  • Image Harmonization Manual, GEP, 1996
  • Attracting Secondary Education Students Plan, GEP, 1995
  • Development Guidlelines for Tecnico Lisboa, D.F.G. Durão, P. Conceição, M.V. Heitor, Fevereiro 1994
  • Overview of Engineering Education in Portugal and of the performance of Tecnico Lisboa, M.T. Lemos Miranda, T.A. Caseiro, Abril 1994
  • Preliminary Study for the Preparation of the Programme-Contract (in Portuguese) (PDF, 48KB), GEP, February 1994
  • Attracting Plan for Students in Second Education Levels, GEP, 1993

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