Instituto Superior Técnico

Área de Estudos, Planeamento e Qualidade

Tableau de Bord AEPQ 2017/2018

2 of January, 2018

Within the framework of the management practices applied in the Institutional Studies, Planning and Quality Area (AEPQ), the Tableau de Bord concerning the 2017/2018 biannual frame is available.

This is a fundamental tool for the visibility and transparency of planning and evaluation processes. It complements the work plan through the setting of indicators and targets for the service and its team. The Tableau de Bord defines also the articulation between the strategic and operational IST’s guidelines and the AEPQ.

Confident that the practices implemented contribute substantially to the promotion of excellence and development of the service itself, of its team and of the working processes, the AEPQ aims to contribute positively to the continuous improvement of the school.


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